Meet Brian and Judy

Brian and Judy Wignell  |  Melbourne Inner East  |  30+ years

Brian & I first became involved with SO at Kew Cottages around 1985. We took our daughter to various activities there as well as swimming events in the Doncaster / Eltham area when Claire attended Bulleen Special School. We had a long association from that time with Rita Webb, Kaye Rosevear and Robyn Cook.  We were both active in several sports and therefore were happy to help and encourage the athletes. Our main involvement was the tennis at St Aidens where Brian assisted Kaye for many years. We also attended swimming at Carey Grammar for many years but our main focus had to be Claire and she needed extra assistance.

The best experiences have been seeing how the athletes improve in all sports and how they look out for each other. We, as well as many other parents love what we do, however we are particularly in awe of the many volunteers that give up their time and offer their expertise without any direct family connections to the people they assist.  We have been involved in many wonderful events from regional games to National Games, from Deb Balls to Disco xmas breakups all great fun and rewarding to be part of.