Welcome to Tasmania’s heart…

Northern Tasmania has all you need for a memorable experience during your stay in Tasmania for the Special Olympics. Roughly half a day to anywhere on the island, base yourself in our region and discover the plethora of natural and historic attractions without fuss or frenzy. With fresh air and a healthy climate Northern Tasmania celebrates four distinctive seasons and serves as your doorway to some of the wildest places in Australia.

Northern Tasmania offers a haven of nourished farmland, which creates fresh, beautiful produce such as well acclaimed truffles, seafood and velvety cool climate wines. Along with farmland Northern Tasmania is a gateway for many adventure activities as it provides vast rugged wilderness. Mountain biking enthusiasts come not only to experience the gnarly tails, but also to feel the serenity that the untouched wilderness of national parks provides. However, this type of intimacy with nature is also enjoyed proudly by road cyclists too as they ride along our back roads; a streetscape of vineyards, farmland and the occasional historic charming nod that only an eighteenth-century cottage can provide.

Northern Tasmania is home to inspired designers, artists and makers who tell the stories of this offbeat area through their work. But let me tell you it does not end there! If you happen upon them in their gallery or even at a local market, there is one thing all Northern Tasmanian's have in common and that is their love of storytelling. So you better prepare yourself to learn everything you have ever wanted to know about the region as our locals can’t wait to indulge you with their tales.




Launceston is our boutique city hub and founded in 1806, it is the nation’s third-oldest city with a fascinating history traced in its beautiful old buildings and streetscapes; dating from early Colonial and convict times to Georgian and Victorian eras. These stunning buildings are kept alive with thriving businesses and social activity from fashion houses and restaurants to banking institutions and high-tech workspaces. The city has the charm and pace of a regional centre and the facilities of a much larger city but in Northern Tasmania you do not look at our history from a far, you live and experience it firsthand.