Update: 2022 National Games, Launceston

March 2022

This is an important update on decisions made about the 2022 National Games in Launceston presented by NAB, during the February 2022 National Board meeting.


National Games

The National Board reiterated the decision for the 2022 National Games to take place from 17-22 October in Launceston. The unanimous agreement was based upon advice from the Games Organising Committee, Games Director, and leadership team.

Extensive work has been conducted with a range of people and organisations from sport and health industries to ensure that the needs of athletes, families, and volunteers are all met in a safe environment.

Plans and decisions have all been made with athletes at the centre of all considerations.

We will continue to work with relevant authorities to finalise and implement the necessary COVID-19 prevention and response measures that will enable our Games to take place safely and successfully. Our plans will provide a safe balance between caution and connection.

We know how challenging the past few years have been for everyone without training and competition. You have displayed tremendous perseverance – living in lockdowns, missing the usual ways to meet, learning new ways to train, finding new ways to connect.

Our Games in Launceston will be the moment to meet, connect, and thrive.

Thank you to the Heads of Delegation, State team leadership and committees for their continued support in helping work through these complex issues. With your continued support, we are confident that the 2022 National Games will be an unforgettable athlete experience, with high-quality competition in a safe environment.



The National Board accepted the recommendation from the National Sports Advisory Group, that equestrian is removed from the 2022 National Games.

This decision was based upon input from teams willing to attend the Games in the planned format. Unfortunately, this format of equestrian would not have created meaningful competition for athletes.

We remain committed to supporting equestrian athletes on their pathway to the World Games. We will support organisation of an invitational event for equestrian athletes to qualify for 2023 Special Olympics World Games in Berlin.

More information will be provided to equestrian athletes and teams as the details of this invitational event are finalised.