Thank you for 10 Years

We’re celebrating 2020 National Volunteer Week to acknowledge the generous contribution of Special Olympics Australia’s volunteers.

Volunteers are the backbone of our movement. They are coaches, trainers, officials, event organizers, fundraisers, managers or fans cheering in the stands.

Special Olympics would not exist today—and could not have been created—without the time, energy, commitment and enthusiasm of our volunteers. We owe so much to these dedicated people who find the time to make the world a better place.

Thank you for 10 years’ service.


Terrence Peek Greater Canberra
Margaret Roberts Greater Canberra
Janet Sandercoe Greater Canberra
Sarah Skidmore Greater Canberra
Phillipa Emerson Central Coast
Margaret Robson Central Coast
Carmen Dederer Central West
Bronwen Elliott Flinders
Norina Fincato Flinders
Lynette Judge Flinders
John McKerlie Flinders
Diane McKerlie Flinders
Helen Alderton Hunter Valley
Colin Alderton Hunter Valley
Judy Brown Hunter Valley
Stefanie Brown Hunter Valley
Wayne Hurley Hunter Valley
Deborah Lawrence Hunter Valley
Melinda Nay Hunter Valley
Debra Banks Illawarra
Bruce Cannon Illawarra
Aaron Cannon Illawarra
Daniel Cannon Illawarra
Kellie Henson Illawarra
Leanne Langthorne Illawarra
Gail Avery Macarthur
Karen Levers Macarthur
Brooke McGrath Macarthur
Graham McGrath Macarthur
Julie McGrath Macarthur
Kenneth Brown Mid North Coast
Ralph Mueller Mid North Coast
Letitia Mueller Mid North Coast
Leanne Margaret Pyrah Mid North Coast
Shaun Pyrah Mid North Coast
Ruth Blanch North West New England
Gaye Sheehan North West New England
Liane Smith North West New England
Kathryn Godwin South Coast
Debra Cush Sydney East
Elias Habelrih Sydney East
Griselda Inguanzo Sydney East
Helen Lowman Sydney East
Lynda Anderson Sydney Hills
Russell Becker Sydney Hills
Michelle Gough Sydney Hills
Kylie Heggie Sydney Hills
Sue Teale Sydney Hills
Athanasia Sue Lazarou Sydney Inner West
John Lazarou Sydney Inner West
Anthony Moore Sydney Inner West
Juliana Graham Sydney Northern Beaches
Peter Grieve Sydney Northern Beaches
Peter Langthorne Sydney Northern Beaches
Kim Savage Sydney Northern Beaches
Catherine Vineburg Sydney Northern Beaches
Andrea Werner Sydney Northern Beaches
Sharyn Harris Sydney South
Michael Harris Sydney South
Coralie Hile Sydney South
James Maclachlan Sydney South
Patricia Maclachlan Sydney South
Lisa May Sydney South
Peter Muhlbock Sydney South
Margaret Muhlbock Sydney South
Linda O'Connor Sydney South
Paul O'Neill Sydney South
Ross Pearson Sydney South
Kathryn Slade Sydney South
Geoffrey Slade Sydney South
Genevieve Smith Sydney South
John Taplin Sydney South
Margaret Taplin Sydney South
Dianne Butler Sydney West
Stella Camenzuli Sydney West
Susan Carter Sydney West
Stephen Duncan Sydney West
Carolyn Duncan Sydney West
Denise Frost Sydney West
Joshua Frost Sydney West
Michael Frost Sydney West
Dawn Robinson Sydney West
Graeme Agius Brisbane
Diane Allison Brisbane
Daphne May Bale Brisbane
Fiona Bartley Brisbane
Gregory Bartley Brisbane
Nicole Bartley Brisbane
Keith Brown Brisbane
Karin Brown Brisbane
Les Dundas Brisbane
Janice Elliot Brisbane
Graham Hook Brisbane
Kimberly Joan Lawley Brisbane
Barbara Lawley Brisbane
Anne Marks Brisbane
Peter Marks Brisbane
Katarina Norris Brisbane
Wendy O'Neill Brisbane
Robert Thompson Brisbane
Anne Louise Fidock Bundaberg
Margaret Louise Gibbs Bundaberg
Suzanne Lawler Gladstone
Benjamin Haack Gold Coast
Sarah Johnston Gold Coast
Chloe Johnston Gold Coast
Michael Morgan Gold Coast
Christine Nott Gold Coast
Helen Richardson Gold Coast
Natalie Upshall Gympie
Carolyn Robinson Logan
Jo-Anne Williams Logan
Colleen Brinton Moreton North
Ethan Michael Chan Moreton North
Nicholas Gray Moreton North
Donna-Maree Grace Gray Moreton North
Bevan Heslehurst Moreton North
Damien Anthony Kelly Moreton North
Patricia Margaret Pascoe Moreton North
Maureen Smith Moreton North
Peter Wildermuth Moreton North
Susan Bennett-Yeo Queensland
Annette Sandra Dundas Queensland
Derek Edward Appleton Redlands
Kevin Borger Redlands
Brendan John Borger Redlands
Christine Ann Borger Redlands
Matthew Burge Redlands
Sonia Dawn Le Lay Redlands
Craig Victor Tobin Redlands
Karen Beardmore Sunshine Coast
Shirley Anne Hastings Sunshine Coast
Neil Heyme Sunshine Coast
Merryl Holland Sunshine Coast
Gregory John Kent Sunshine Coast
Bradley Oliver Sunshine Coast
Margaret Evelyn Robertson Sunshine Coast
Janette Wheeler Sunshine Coast
Lisa Hester Adelaide
Lea van der Hoek Adelaide
Linda Waller Adelaide
Maureen Eddy Ballarat
Patricia Glenane Ballarat
Jillene Delahunty Barwon
Frederick Forssman Barwon
Tamika Simpson Barwon
Kerry Woods Barwon
Kim Caldwell Dandenong Casey Titans
Kenneth Ingwersen Dandenong Casey Titans
Faye Berryman Echuca Campaspe
Sandra Dawes Echuca Campaspe
Susan Ferres Echuca Campaspe
Henry Hawkins Echuca Campaspe
Karen Upton Echuca Campaspe
Wendy Wright Echuca Campaspe
Margaret Best Melbourne Eastern Ranges
Philip Best Melbourne Eastern Ranges
Julie Chaplin Melbourne Eastern Ranges
Julia Eynaud Melbourne Eastern Ranges
Elizabeth Gerard Melbourne Eastern Ranges
Leanne Grosvenor Melbourne Eastern Ranges
Susan Hartley Melbourne Eastern Ranges
Belinda McCormack Melbourne Eastern Ranges
Noel Medson Melbourne Eastern Ranges
Susan Ross Melbourne Eastern Ranges
Linda Scott Melbourne Eastern Ranges
Brian Sullivan Melbourne Eastern Ranges
Helen Sullivan Melbourne Eastern Ranges
Christine Williams Melbourne Eastern Ranges
Grant Williams Melbourne Eastern Ranges
George Ciappara Melbourne Inner East
Susan Dodds Melbourne Inner East
Enrico Gatto Melbourne Inner East
Patricia Goodrem Melbourne Inner East
Kim Owen Melbourne Inner East
Ann Stamp Melbourne Inner East
Evan Wilson Melbourne Inner East
Robyn Wilson Melbourne Inner East
Mark Wilson Melbourne Inner East
Rosina Bianchin Melbourne North
Michael Henderson Melbourne Southern
Zoe Ryde Melbourne Southern
Peta - Ruth Williams Melbourne Southern
Br Brian Hession Ovens & Murray
Michael Baines Westernport
Tina Naughton Westernport
Rosemary Hartley Perth Metro
Kathleen Holloway Perth Metro
Jodi Larkins Perth Metro
Mitchell Roberts Perth Metro