Inclusive Mini-Olympics with Schools


Special Olympics Inclusive Mini-Olympics empowers youth and educators to be leaders of change. By playing and learning we will create a more inclusive world.

Our Goal: Schools that Welcome All People
The Inclusive Mini-Olympics for Schools is aimed at promoting social inclusion through intentionally planned and implemented activities and whole school community engagement.

Our Inclusive Mini-Olympics positively impact school climate by including all students, teachers, staff, administrators and create a community of acceptance and respect in your school.

With physical movement and interaction with Special Olympics athletes as the foundation, Inclusive Mini-Olympics fosters understanding and respect for all and influences how students think and act within and beyond the school.

School-wide opportunities focused on social inclusion raise awareness and create an educational environment where respect and acceptance are the norm and all students feel included and engaged. This welcoming community cultivates a positive school climate and enhances other school-wide efforts.

Inclusive Mini-Olympics also offer a platform to demonstrate the power of young people to positively impact their school community by promoting social inclusion.

What the Mini-Olympics “looks like” can vary greatly from school to school, based on the needs, goals, schedules and other factors unique to each school; but the basic building blocks remain the same.

Together we are creating an inclusive society that Chooses to Include. Join us.