Meet Denise

Denise Joy Sheard  |  Sunshine Coast  |  30+ years

Joy, as she is widely known has been heavily involved since the  inception of Special Olympics on the Sunshine Coast some 30 plus years ago.

She is well known for not only her suppport of the athletes, parents, carers and friends, but also in her expertise and enthusiasm with regard to catering for the various sports.

Joy, along with her late husband, Jeff and daughter Vicki has been and still is seen as a most treasured asset to the community.

Initially involved with swimming at Cotton Tree Pool, and moving on to Nambour Public Pool.

Tennis at various locations in the Nambour district. Joy continues to run the SC Tennis but since Covid, the loss of our long term coach and a lack of numbers and health issues with some players, tennis has been temporarily been on hold.

Until her daughter Vicki had a fall, Joy was also involved with Ten Pin Bowling.

Since inception Joy has been involved, and continues on a weekly basis with our Bocce, where she supports the players, also parents and carers with organising morning tea, and all that is involved with the operation and care of our athletes and guests.

Joy is, and continues to be a font of all knowledge as to the Special Olympic Organisation here on the Sunshine Coast.

Joy and family have travelled far and wide, to both local, State and National games where she has always been a selfless supporter and friend to one and all.

She has not done all of this on her own, there have been, and still are an intrepid band of parents who support both Joy and others in many ways, so that our athletes may enjoy their time together in sport and social activities in the community.

If you asked Joy she would say "I haven't done a lot". It is her nature to be a kind caring lady who asks for nothing and gives of her all.